BIAWA Spokane Chapter Mission

Empowering brain injury survivors and their families to transition from hospital to home and from home to community through involvement, resources, education, and advocacy.


President--JJ Thompson

Past President--Ashley Richards

Vice President--Penny Wayment


Treasurer--Susan Sanson

Representative to Executive Board--Heather Bahme

Executive Board Members:

Dr. Karen Stanek

Ashley Richards

Penny Wayment

Dr. Frank Jackson

Sara Ambrose

Aruna Bhuta

RaMona Pinto

JJ Thompson

Heather Bahme

Susan Sanson

*We currently have an open executive board position to serve as secretary open.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us. spokanebiawa@gmail.com

BIAWA Mission Statement


Our mission is to increase public awareness, support, and hope for those affected by brain injury through education, assistance and advocacy.


BIAWA Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where brain injury is prevented, and every person already affected by its impact benefits from resources that maximize his/her quality of life. 

Call us:


Mailing Address:  421 W. Riverside Ave., Suite 353, Spokane, WA 99201